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Not Only A Dream

I have lots of dream that I think before I die I need to go there to experience it myself..

First I would like to go again to this holy place.. Again to be Tetamu ALLAH..

*Feel really calms and peaceful here.. :)

Second, I would like go to this place called Rome,Italy..A perfect place for my honeymoon days.. ^___^

*Even it is only a rock but I think it's really beautiful :)

Third, I would like to see a shooting star.. Laying on the ground and see lots and lots of stars..

*Watching with the one and only sweetheart could be perfect.. Hell yeah!

Yes! it is just a dream.. and I don't want it to be only JUST a dream.. I need to work hard in order for me to achieve all my dreams.. Can't wait for that moment to come.. InsyaALLAH.. If I have Rezeki, I will be there..

P/s : I need to have my saving again.. allowance please be nice to me..don't finish to fast.. :)

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