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New Year,New Sem,New Me!

Hye everyone! Year 2011 has been a challenging time for me and my family I supposed. Yet, praise to ALLAH I still can breathe and live in this world in year 2012. Alhamdulillah coz give me opportunity to visit Rumah ALLAH in April 2011. I really hope that I can be one of the guest again. InsyaALLAH. Last year have also made me become more mature in thinking. Yeah! hope so. I need to be more independent and not depends on others anymore. Alhamdulillah my pointer for this sem still remain but still i need to improve it. You can do it! Last but not least.. My baby bubble why U become so noty my dear.. anyway.. I still love both of you! :)

P/s : Ya ALLAH.. Aku bersyukur kepadaMu Ya ALLAH.. :')

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