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i'm pissed off!!

Pissed off of what??of him! yeah! him! He thinks that he is the only one that own the place. He thinks that he got all the power to say all the things that he likes. He forgot something. He forgot about that he and I are also human being t0o. At that moment, I tried to control my self. I tried to control my anger,my words and my emotion. Only ALLAH knows how's my feeling at that time. Ya ALLAH.. I've tried to be patient with him. Yet, he is still the same. No changes. I'm not the one who can give everything so that he will be nice to me. I dont want to use dirty things for him to be nice with me. Ya ALLAH.. He is also a human being like me.. There is something that maybe I didn't know about him.. What ever it is, I hope that one day he will change for goods.. InsyaALLAH. I try to control my anger when ever I see him. Thanks to him coz he also teaches me to be patient. Again.. I end my words by praying for him to be a good man now and hereafter. InsyaALLAH.. Who is he? let be me and ALLAH knows.

P/s : I tend to judge people but now I also know that I can also learn from people t0o.. :)

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